Terms & Conditions

corralejo-excursions.com do not own or operate any of the Excursions featured in our website, these are all operated by independent third-party companies. These ‘operators’ are solely responsible for their excursions including all insurances, licences and legal requirements.

All excursions are liable to change or cancellation at any time, this could be due to many factors beyond the control of corralejo-excursions.com for instance change in weather conditions, equipment breakdown, staff illness, Covid restrictions etc.

In this instance corralejo-excursions.com will endeavour to organise, where possible a suitable alternative date, or failing that a suitable alternative excursion.

Should suitable alternatives not be available, corralejo- excursions.com will return the DEPOSIT ONLY for that excursion. corralejo-excursions.com cannot be held responsible for other payments made to any other parties in respect of individual excursions.

Any deposits paid to corralejo-excursions.com will not be refunded if: 

  1. a client or party fails to turn up.
  2. the excursion operator refuses to take them due to drunkenness or inappropriate behaviour.
  3. a client is not of a suitable age, or otherwise rejected by the excursion operator due to any compliance issue. You must check your tickets, ages, necessary documentation such as licences or passport.

Refunds will only be given due to cancellation by the operator and where no other acceptable alternative date or excursion is available, or at the discretion of corralejo-excursions.com
If the Client wishes to cancel an excursion, refunds will  only be given if the notice to cancel is given more than 24 hours in advance, other refunds will be at the discretion of corralejo-excursions.com

The information in our website is kept as up to date as possible, however, occasionally excursion operators make changes to their excursions at short notice, and without informing corralejo-excursions.com. In these instances, any complaints and claims for refunds must be made to the excursion operator, not to corralejo-excursions.com

All the excursions sold by corralejo-excursions.com are to the best of our knowledge fully licensed and insured. corralejo-excursions.com are therefore not liable for any loss, injury or claim due to any incidents while clients are participating in any activity sold by corralejo-excursions.com.

Clients of corralejo-excursions.com participating in any of the excursions sold by corralejo-excursions.com do so at their own risk. In the event of any incidents, injuries or loss while on any excursion sold by us, we accept no liability and it is up to the client to deal with the excursion operator and their insurance company.

While every effort is made to keep the corralejo-excursions.com website up to date, the owners can not be held liable for any errata or typos, or for the content provided by the excursion providers. Should anyone notice any errors or misinformation please contact us immediately at enquiries@corralejo-excursions.com

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